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Hidden Pantry! Bat Cave Entrance! Modern Cabinet Doors Disguise the Garage Entry and Pantry Storage.

ADVERTISEMENT The sleek modern kitchen renovation used Kemper’s Pantry doors to disguise the Garage access and hides the pantry items keeping the main kitchen sleek and organized. This black and white kitchen has clean lines and a modern flair. ADVERTISEMENT

Finding Hidden Storage Around the House

ADVERTISEMENT Overhead Compartments Use the garage. Even in garages where parking is a tight fit, there is room for storage. Just look up. Install wall-mounted cabinets in the space above the parked car’s hood. Tip: Use closed cabinets rather than open shelves to keep contents from rolling off shelves and landing on your car. ADVERTISEMENT

Hidden stool compact kitchen design

ADVERTISEMENT A clever home design idea to save space Hideaway Solutions! Click the link to try our free home design app. Keywords: clever house ideas, kitchen design ideas, small kitchen design ideas, home kitchen ideas, design kitchen, statement furniture, cool furniture, unique home design, home decoration hacks, storage design, home decor storage, home decor tips,… Read More »

“Hidden” Family Command Center For Staying Organized

ADVERTISEMENT I really like the idea of having a “family command center” where everyone can leave messages, make lists, check the calendar, etc. What I don’t like is having that clutter take up valuable space in the kitchen!More Ideas You’ll LoveThis Is The Best Way To Store Fresh Fruit To Make It Last LongerI hate to admit… Read More »